Friday, 16 January 2015

works in progress

digging up the forecourt to bring running water into the building
discovery of underground tunnel/air-raid shelter, excavated for assessment
replacing missing and rotten bricks in walls all over property
many areas required walls to be rebuild/pointed, many areas still require this work
removal of rotten timber work, foundation repairs and reinstatement of frontage
 majority of windows missing, rotten or broken, replaced like for like where possible, new wooden window (below) built in own workshop for upstairs window (above)
 above and below, no roof over upstairs bedroom area

 above and below, replacement of roof over bedroom area

 above, most windows were broken
above and below, original timber throughout the building was replaced where needed like for like
above, ongoing work in the workshop
above, showing a large area of clifton place that was dug up to bring gas to the property
 above and below, all roofing at first floor required full replacement to prevent collapse and provide a water tight finish

 above and below, walls were rebuilt, two new 8M 1tonne steels to replace the inadequate wooden beams

 above and below, note that all windows were removed, new structure to carry weight of roof replacement.

 above, no windows, currently boarded up and letting rain in
 weeks after the main roof structure was signed off by the building control officer we started to pack the required insulation into the roof voids
 above and below, starting to build walls and insulate the roof/walls the week before chistmas
above, the current state of the workshop, a temporary ad-hoc work space that leaks badly, requires full re-roofing including beams, steels, brickwork, lintels, damp-course, windows, skylight, wiring etc

above, certificate of completion (re-roof only)